Monday, January 26, 2009

Abortion saves government money

I'm listening to the Hugh Hewitt show and just heard a clip of Nancy Pelosi defending the funding of abortion in the stimulus package based on the fact that abortion cuts the need for state and federal money to care for children.

In other words, the number of children should be cut by killing unborn babies so the government doesn't have to pay as much money to feed, cloth, house and educate them.

Since money seems to be the ultimate issue, maybe we should also kill babies who are mentally or physically defective as well, since they are expensive to care for.

And how much money should we spend on treating long term illnesses like cancer or lung disease before we decide to pull the plug to save the government money?

And while we're at it, why not start "euthanizing" the elderly, since their medical care costs the government so much?

Today we kill babies. Tomorrow we kill the elderly. But hey, we're saving the government money! Welcome to the brave new world of things to come in socialized medicine!

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Jason said...

It's called Pelosian Ethics. "Whatever saves the government money makes it ethical"