Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Will President-elect Obama compromise?

Barack Obama is talking like he is interested "reaching across the aisle" and in hearing all viewpoints. If President-elect Obama is truly serious about this, I would suggest three compromises that would go a long way in easing concerns.

First, insist that any pro-gay legislation he signs must have a "behavior exemption" for all religious organizations. In other words, ensure that all religious schools, colleges, charities, missions, churches, synagogues or mosques retain the right to fire, or not to hire, anyone who will not follow their codes of conduct. This is simply a matter of freedom of religion.

Second, come part way on the abortion issue by 1) pushing for legislation to outlaw all abortions after the sex of the baby can be determined, except when the mother's life is in danger and 2) do not do anything to interfere in a parent's fundamental right to be notified if their daughter is seeking an abortion.

Third, insist that any hate crimes legislation he signs have a strong exemption for speech that that does not call for violence. In other words, if some hate-monger wacko decides to mug a gay person, we need to make sure that--unlike some countries--we don't start fining or jailing pastors just because that wacko heard a sermon condemning homosexual behavior.

If Barack Obama is not willing to make these compromises, I must conclude that his talk about reaching across the aisle is just politically expedient hot air.


Kevin said...

I completely agree with these proposals. They're excellent compromises and would go a long way to show that Obama is really interested in unifying the country and protecting freedom of speech and religion.

Jason said...

Dream, dream, dream...