Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A warning to pastors and churches

Although pastor Rick Warren has bent over backwards trying to disagree agreeably with gay rights advocates and has probably done more to help AIDS victims than any pastor in history, he is now regularly and viciously attacked as a homophobe and hate monger.

Even Barack Obama who is the most powerful gay rights advocate in history is being thrown under the bus because he made a choce that was not acceptable to the gay rights elites.

It is now abundantly clear (if it wasn't before) that all of the gay activists' talk of tolerance was a sham. It was only tolerance for their postion they wanted and now they are no longer satisfied with tolerance. They will tolerate nothing less than full acceptance and promotion of gay lifestyles. They will not tolerate opposing views.

Al Mohler recently posted an article on the controversy surrounding Rick Warren and the inauguration invocation, and issued a warning for pastors and churches:

Being cool means being considered mainstream, acceptable, and admirable. Believing that same-sex marriage is wrong is enough to turn "uncool" in an instant, at least in many circles.

I am not throwing Rick Warren to the wolves over this. He now finds himself in a whirlwind, and he will not be the last. Pastor after pastor and church after church will face a similar challenge in short order. No matter how cool you think you are or think that others think you are, the hour is coming when the issue of homosexuality -- taken alone -- will be the defining issue in coolness. If you accept the full normalization of homosexuality, you will be cool. If you do not, you are profoundly uncool, no matter how much good work you do nor how much love and compassion you seek to express.

Liberal Protestantism came to this conclusion long ago, and those churches desperately want to be considered cool by the elites. Having abandoned biblical authority, there is nothing to prevent them moving fast into coolness. The only barriers are outposts of conservative opposition, but they will not last long.

Many in the "emerging" and "Emergent church" movements also state their intention to transcend the divisive issues like abortion and homosexuality. Some of these represent the quintessence of cool in cultural identification. But for how long? Eventually, the issue of homosexuality will require a decision. At that point, those churches will find themselves facing a forced decision. Choose ye this day: Will it be the Bible or coolness?

Please read the entire article on Crosswalk

By the way, not all gay activists are so intolerant. See the post by Melissa Etheridge on the Huffington Post. (Hat tip: John W.)


Jason said...

I think this was even more apparent with the continual violence and outrage they unleashed on the Christian community when Prop 8 passed. It's like they are being led by Malcolm X.

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