Monday, December 29, 2008

UAW's lakeside resort and golf course

As Americans prepare to fork over multiple millions of dollars to bail out Chrysler and GM, Fox News reports that the United Auto Workers union--which refuses to budge an inch in concessions--owns a 6 million dollar golf course and a 33 million dollar lakeside resort!

And the money that will be given to the auto companies is not as much as they said they must have to remain afloat, so they will almost certainly be back to the trough for more.

Meanwhile, the executives of other corporations we are bailing out continue to receive millions in bonuses for the good job they've done in running their corporations into the ground.

And now that the bailout gravy train is headed downhill, stopping it will be quite a trick.

But our President and Congress continue to pour billions and billions of our tax dollars--and our children's and grandchildren's future tax dollars--into these bailouts as if money grows on trees! It doesn't, of course. It grows on government printing presses and the more they print, the more worthless it becomes.

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