Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Secretary of State Hillary Cllinton

Barack Obama once criticized Hillary Clinton saying, "It’s what’s wrong with politics today. Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected”.

He also criticized her foreign policy experience saying, "What exactly is this foreign policy expertise...Was she negotiating treaties? Was she handling crises? The answer is no.” (CNSNews).

Then, yesterday, he named her as Secretary of State.

Mr. Obama once called for an almost immediate withdrawl of troops from Iraq. He now seems to have left himself a considerable amount of wiggle room in that option so that "immediate" is really no sooner than what President Bush or John McCain would have done.

I understand that President-elect Obama has also gone back on his plans to repeal the Bush tax cuts. That's a good thing but....

All this makes it look like our new President-elect was willing to say anything to get elected. And that's "what's wrong with politics today."


professor ed said...

Ah, but let us look on the positive side. Given his total lack of any knowledge/experience in anything beyond "neighborhood organizer" our future president has made sure that his new secretarly lacks the credentials/abilities of a Henry Kissinger. After all "the one" does not want somebody in his administration who might inringe on his glorious light. In addition, as some conservative pundits have pointed out, placing this highly gifted lady in his cabinet will minimize the chance she will run against him in four years.

Jason said...

The funny thing is that a lot of it is making his leftist followers extremely upset for not following through with his "change" and "socialist" rhetoric.

Dennis said...

Professor ed: I agree. He could have done much worse and it does seem like in accepting this position, Hillary is giving up on the possiblity of running in four years.

Jason, you're right. The looney Left fringe is not happy. I love it! But on the other hand, he's not President yet.

jph812 said...

you all are right I think that it is wierd that barrak obama is making hillary clinton secratary of state because after all he did run against her and it was a pretty close match between her and barrak obama when john mccain was basiclly out of the picture for a while and mitt romney just got voted off of the race between all of them but between them i think it was a pretty close race i mean when i saw all the states that barrak won i went to cry in my room it was so bad because john is a war hero and should not lose because he suffured so much pain for our country and was so brave and so tough that when his torterers found out who he was they were willing to let him go but he did not think just because he was the genrals son does not mean he should be treated any diffrently then anybody else so he was willing to die for our country even though he knew he was not going to not that day however