Thursday, December 04, 2008

Nuclear Venezuela

Thank to our Russian "allies" we may soon need to contend with a nuclear Venezuela:
Under the accord, Russia would help Venezuela build a nuclear energy plant. Joint gas projects were also approved. Military co-operation is also high on the agenda of Mr Medvedev's talks with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

None of this would be alarming if Chavez were not a known sponsor of violent and radical movements across the hemisphere, from the FARC in Colombia to the worst elements (and a small minority of the overall parties) of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua
and the FMLN in El Salvador (Counterterrorism blog).
Anyone who thinks Hugo Chavez only wants nuclear power for peaceful purposes is deluding themselves. I just hope Barack Obama is more like John F. Kennedy than he is like Neville Chaimberlain.


professor ed said...

I cannot help but wonder if this courtship of Venezuela by Russia was/is in response to our support for the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. I also wonder if Russia can find the money, especially with the current price of oil, to support a second economic "basket case" in the western hemisphee?

Jason said...

This is ridiculous. Their support for Iran and Venezuela in this way should be a HUGE alliance breaker. How can they justify this?! Next Osama Bin Laden will want a power plant in the mountains of Pakistan to power his cave.