Monday, December 08, 2008

"Muslims feel vulnerable"

Michael Savage, kind of the right wing version of Al Franken, has a book entitled, Liberalism is a mental disorder. Frankly, I don't care for Mr. Savage. I've never read his book but I used to think the title was a bit over the top.

However, after reading Mark Steyn's outstanding article, "Jews get killed, but Muslims feel vulnerable," about the Islamic terrorism in Mumbai, I'm beginning to think that liberalism really is a mental disorder after all.

If you only read one article this week, please read this one.


Steve said...

This is so typical of your posts. "I used to think to think X were decent/sane/nonevil people, then I read Y..." That way you can claim you are a reasonable person who doesn't hate gays/Muslims/liberals but now you've been forced to reevaluate your tolerance because of something extreme some members of one of those groups did. It's a very old, very familiar form of rhetoric used by intolerant people trying to appear tolerant.

Dennis said...

Steve wrote, "because of something extreme some members of one of those groups did."

Did you even read Mark Steyn's article? It is not "because of something extreme some members one of those groupds did" at all. What Mark Steyn is talking about is not characteristic of just one group. It is pervasive among liberals, whether in Congress, or the universities, or Hollywood, or the mainstream press....or even you!

I don't mind that you disagree. I do mind that you consistently misrepresent the views of those (Me, Steyn, Professor Ed etc. that you disagree with). Don't you see how this completely destroys your credibility?

Steve said...

That's exactly my point. Liberal X does Y and suddenly it's a "pervasive characteristic." It's a caricature, a strawman for you to conveniently knock down. Why do you insist on seeing Muslims or gays or liberals or "Hollywood" as completely monolithic? It's intellectually lazy to assume that all "liberals" think alike. It's why your rantings about Obama were so wide of the mark.

It would be like ranting about "Christians" after reading only what you write when in fact the vast majority of Christians would disagree with you and find many of your views repugnant. Oh, I forgot. If they disagree with you, they're not real Christians.

Your simplistic fairy tale view of the world where everyone wears either a white hat or a black hat bears no relation to reality.

professor ed said...

I could not help but notice Steve that in your usual diatribe you neglected to answer Deninis' quite rational question: "Did you even read Mark Steyn's article"? This insightful column raises some ponderable points; none of which you bother to address. Frankly I am rather disappointed that the phrase "Islamo-faciest" has fallen into dis-favor by "those in the know". The "gurrillas" (there's another term we don't hear these days) who planned this rebuke of civilized humanity, were all of the Muslim faith. I am still waiting for "moderate" Muslim clerics ( of whom there are no doubt a great many) to openly/bodly denounce this pre-planned, methodically executed atrocity.

St.Lee said...

So, Steve, I guess that you would condemn any form of generalizing whatsoever. Tell me, what is your opinion of the Nazis?

By the way, I find your comments about this blog very intolerant. I guess you and me and Dennis all share that trait. Doesn't that just give you a case of the warm fuzzys?

Steve said...

I did read Steyn's ridiculous column. Muslims did denounce the attacks. I guess, as Reagan said, "Facts are stupid things" to someone like you. St. Lee are you familiar with Godwin's Law?

St.Lee said...

God's Law, yes. Godwin's law, not so much. But thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I have heard of it now. "As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."

OK, I guess I am guilty (in a way)of fulfilling Godwin's law. (which, by the way, is a lot closer than I have come to fulfilling God's Law) But what I was getting at, is that I think Nazis were GENERALLY EVIL. Do you disagree with that assessment? Or are you too tolerant to agree? (I hope not, cause I thought we were starting to bond over our shared trait of intolerance.