Monday, December 01, 2008

"It is not be revolted..."

The following is from an e-mail I received from MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute; Special Dispatch, November 30; No. 2135). It is from a Muslim columnist from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) regarding the terrorst attacks in Mumbai:
"It is not enough for moderate Muslims to be revolted by the attacks in
Mumbai as we have been revolted by the attacks on the New York office towers,
Amman wedding, London transport system, Madrid trains, Beslan school, Jerusalem
pizzeria, Baghdad markets and numerous other places. It is time to take a
serious stand against these perpetrators and reclaim our religion. Muslims must
be more vocal in their sentiments regarding such criminals, and Islamic states
must counter this behavior [forcefully]. To borrow an unpopular phrase, the
Islamic states must launch a psychological preemptive strike against these
terrorists, and, more importantly, [against] those who encourage them. Muslim
preachers who fail to condemn terror must either be reeducated or discredited
completely, and those who excuse terror [by] using certain conflicts as a
pretext must be silenced, because the poison that they spread today will come
back to haunt us all tomorrow.

Amen! I wish we were hearing this from Muslims all over the world.

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