Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Common Word

Some time ago several hundred prominent Muslims extended an “olive branch” to Christians with a document entitled, “A Common Word between us and you.” It is based on the common commands in Islam and Christianity to Love God with all your heart and to love one’s neighbor (interestingly enough Judaism also affirms these commands yet the “olive branch” was not extended to Jews).

Recliner Commentaries came out against this document saying “So, Christians, all you have to do in order to sign this “Common Word” is to deny one of the fundamentals of the Christian faith—the deity of Jesus and the Triune nature of God.”

In a time when misguided Christians are seeking common ground with Islam, a Coptic Priest has some demands of his own. Borrowing from this priest’s demands, I would suggest that if Muslims truly want more common ground with Christians, they should revise their common ground document to include the following three concessions:

First, remove the repeated references to God who has “no associate” and “no partner.” This is “Muslim-speak” for their denial of the Trinity. Instead, add a phrase about Jesus who is the word of God, which is what the Qur’an and Hadith’s teach.

Second, repudiate or reinterpret all verses in the Qur’an and Hadith which call for terrorism, murder and all forms of oppression including the Jizya.

Third, call for the abolition of the Islamic punishment for apostasy. In other words, call for the immediate cessation of all harassment, imprisonment, torture and murder of former Muslims who become Christians.

If Muslims will do this, I will concede that they are serious about seeking a common ground with Christians. Otherwise, Christians who sign this document are not only lending legitimacy to an evil, oppressive religion, but they may have committed idolatry as well.

As opposed to these compromising Christians, there is a Coptic Priest, Father Zakaria Botros, who loves Muslims, but hates Islam. He has just been named as World Magazine’s “Daniel of the Year.” You gotta love this guy!

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