Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Barack Obama Day

According to Fox news: "A small central Alabama county whose mainly black residents gave Barack Obama more than 70 percent of the vote on Election Day has created an annual holiday in honor of the president-elect." (hat tip: Professor Ed).

Washington is expecting up to four million people to witness the coronation of his majesty. What's next? The Obammassiah's face on Mt. Rushmore or maybe a temple dedicated to "The One"?

He hasn't even done anything yet. Isn't a Barack Obama holiday a bit premature?


Kevin said...

Becoming the first black President in a country that less than 50 years ago still had institutional segregation is also a pretty notable accomplishment.

Dennis said...

I agree. But that's an American achievement much more than an Obama achievement. I wish we could celebrate America's committment to color-blindness but I'm afraid President-elect Obama was elected precisely because we are not yet a color-blind society. It certainly wasn't because he was more qualified or had better ideas.

Jason said...

History will determine the greatness of Barack Obama by his actions, not that he was the first African American president. Yes, that will be in the history books, but it will be a foot note if he is a terrible leader.

Thomas Jefferson was the first President that wasn't a Federalist. At the time that was an extremely big deal, and many were excited and upset, but today that is barely even known. What is known is what Jefferson did while in office...

My point is simply put...sometimes in our own context something can be a really big deal, but years and years down the road it'll seem insignificant.