Monday, December 22, 2008

Barack Obama and coal

Some environmental group has been running an ad on TV showing someone demonstrating "clean coal technology." He is standing out in an open desert. The implication being that the only clean coal technology is that which leaves coal in the ground. The ad ends frankly asserting that there is no such thing as clean coal technology.

Now the Coal industry has produced a counter ad. It is a video clip of President-elect Obama--the darling of the environmentalists--saying something like, "You're telling me that the nation that put a man on the moon can't create clean coal technology?!!!"

The add was ingenious, but it raises the question: Is this the same Barack Obama who also threatened to deliberately bankrupt the coal industry?

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Jason said...

The bottom line is that environmentalists don't want to compromise and just think its going from one bad pollution to another. Even though Clean Coal Technology does try to eliminate toxins in the coal. To be honest, there are very few resources that won't pollute the earth besides wind, solar, and water.

Their unwillingness to compromise should ultimately eliminate them from the game, in my opinion. I think Barack will be forced to embrace Clean Coal if he wants to find fast alternative resources to oil.