Friday, December 12, 2008

Auto bailout

On the way home tonight, I heard on the radio that Senate Republicans courageously blocked the bailout of the auto industry--actually just one part of the auto industry. Democrats are essentially choosing to support one part of the auto industry over against the auto-makers' competetors!

But now the word is that the Bush administration has stabbed the Republican Senators in the back by taking the side of the Democrats, announcing that the White House will bail out Detroit anyway!



Kevin said...

Hypothetically, after a tough fought race in the Senate... Bush's staff may have sent the signal for the senators to vote safe, and then the administration would take one for the team. I have no evidence of this.

What I do see clearly is that the American public was completely duped. We signed a blank $750 billion check for buying up mortgage assets, something the government told us was absolutely essential, and then once they got the money they spend it freely and argue about how they can divy up the pot for their particular programs and agendas. Americans were duped again.

Jason said...

Yeah, I'm not so sure I would call the Republican senators courageous necessarily. More like, they got tons and tons of calls from their constituents and wanted to cover their own rear end.

And lets be honest, Americans are always getting "duped". I don't think that's ever going to change. Ever.

All of this stuff doesn't really phase me. Politics is politics. Politicians are always stabbing each other in the back. Bush is no exception.