Saturday, November 15, 2008

Threats against Barack Obama

According to a report by the Associated Press, Barack Obama is receiving more threats than any other President-elect.

Regular readers of Recliner Commentaries know how concerned I am about Barack Obama as President. But, like it or not, Barack Obama is our next President.Threats against a legally and democratically elected President--and Barck Obama was legally and democratically elected--are threats against America and Americans. Anyone who even hears veiled threats against President-elect Obama should reprort them immediately to the Secret Service.

Those of us who are Christians have a biblical obligation to pray for our leaders, in that includes Barack Obama. Judging from the AP report, it sounds like he needs our prayers for safety.

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mnotaro said...

You are right, as a Christian, the bible says we must pray for all of our leaders...and God does not care if the winner of the election was who we voted for, fought for and believed in or not....or whether the winner is a liberal left wing illuminati or from the conservative right wing party. He cares whether we are obedient in Him and he says we must pray anyway. It's hard to stand behind Obama--I don't believe in him, nor do I think he is prepared or experienced to run our country. But I will continue to pray for him and for his leadership. I don't care what side of politics you fall on, no one deserves to be threatened.