Monday, November 24, 2008

They should be flogged and tortured?

Many people on the Left absolutely hate right-wing Christians for our belief that homosexual behavior is sin, yet these same Leftists are often amazingly tolerant toward the religion of Islam.

I find that a bit ironic. The following is an excerpt from an interview on Kuwaiti TV with Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi, a Muslim scholar (for more of the interview see MEMRI):

Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: ...Death Is Too Good For [Homosexuals] — They Should Be[Publicly] Flogged And Tortured... They Are an Epidemic Plaguing Society"

Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: "When a person commits an abominable act, like homosexuality, for example, or lesbianism, in the case of women's parlors — this constitutes 'spreading corruption in the land,' and should be punished by death."[...]

Moderator: "Other than life imprisonment and the death sentence, what can be done?"

Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: "According to Islamic law, a homosexual should be thrown from a tall building."

Moderator: "What would you do with them?"

Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: "To be honest, death is too good for them. They should be gathered in a public place, to be flogged and tortured, so the truth about these people is made clear and they serve as a lesson to others, because they are an epidemic plaguing society."

Evangelical Christians don't want to kill or hurt homosexuals. We just want to save them.

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jazzycat said...

The difference is "Jesus Christ" who died for the sins of believers! Mt. 10:22, 24:9, Luke 6:22, John 15:18,