Friday, November 14, 2008

PETA wants to raise health insurance

PETA wants to raise your health insurance premiums (Hat tip: Jason I.)

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Kevin said...

These types of stories are absurdist... they're real of course, but so strange and objectionable to mainstream Americans and seemingly so implausible that they can be easily dismissed with "whackos" muttered under one's breath.

The unfortunate thing is that with universal government health care all Americans become subject to the pressures of special interests. As premiums rise and the costs of health care become unmanageable programs like this that will seemingly reduce the cost of health care will be easy votes for politicians seeking power. Oh, you smoke... well you need to pay more or stop smoking. What, you don't eat organic foods... well we need to raise your premiums or not offer certain types of coverage for you. Oh... this is too bad... you don't live in an urban center? Well, the risk of driving is so high and the cost of auto-accident injuries is so severe we need you to pay more premiums.

OUr healthcare in the hands of special interests is a disaster.