Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paul Broun: Obama the Marxist

If any of my readers think I've been "over the top" in my criticism and fear of Barack Obama, my comments have been nothing like the fears of Georgia Congressman Paul Broun.

Some are calling it "Obama Derangement Syndrome." I may have a mild case of ODS but probably not nearly as severe as that of Conogressman Broun :-)


Kevin said...

A better term would be Presidential Derangement Syndrome since Bush received the same treatment from Democrats, and we saw some of that before Bush with Republicans slamming Clinton.

In my view, the problem is that however plausible these fears may be in the minds of some, they may even come to fruition, the sheer volume, vitriol, and general speculation surround them is so distracting, so suspect, that many people just ignore the information... so much so that when real solid evidence is presented they chalk it up as just another speculative attack.

A better strategy, in my view, is to focus on 5 key issues, and then focus exclusively on explaining the issue, why one viewpoint is accurate, and presenting factual evidence and responses to political movement on the issue. The PDS/ODS approach just attacks everything, usually poorly, in such a way that appeals to people who are already convinced. I don't believe Americans are altogether rational, but I do believe that the current tone and tactics we use in our political discussions are destructive, polarizing, and do little to further broader political debate and understanding.

professor ed said...

With all due respect to the Congressman from GA, I believe he is overreacting. Yes, the country has chosen a president-elect who is familiar, and possibly an adherent of, the discredited principals of marxism. Yes, the nation's economy is in serious trouble. But we also have a STRONG tradition of democratic processes, concepts, and ideals that we have adhered to since our founding. I believe that had the Germany of the 1920s posessed a similiar democratic foundation, Hitler would not have come to power. Granted, Hussein Obama is VERY liberal. But I have seen other newly elected presidents, who originally favored the "left" or the "right", gradually pulled toward the center; thank to our democratic heritage.

Robert said...


I think you're correct on most everything you posted (as was Professor Ed). However, the strategy employed by the left since 2000 has proven to be a resounding success. Not that President Bush hasn't earned some of his low approval rating, but it hasn't come without help. The constant drum beat of disapproval has come non-stop since 2000. The media can scarcely write a story without saying something about Bush having the lowest approval rating in history or referencing his "failed administration."

The left created an almost impenetrable wall of anger that - like it or not - painted Bush as much worse than he is. This helped Obama significantly since anything linked to Bush had an air of incompetence.

Loiseau said...
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