Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama's criminal connections

Racist and radical liberation theologian, Jeremiah Wright

Terrorist and Weather Underground founder, William Ayers

Terrorist Bernadette Dorn

Terrorist spokesman Rashid Khalidi

Convicted felon, Tony Rezko


Four years ago, someone would have been dismissed as a looney-toon if they had suggested that a candidate with all of these radical and criminal connections would seriously be considered for President of the United States.

Yet Ameicans actually seem to be on the verge of blindly ignoring all of these connections in order to elect Barack Obama President.

God help us!


mnotaro said...

Obama can not be trusted and I keep wondering how long it’s going to take for the lefty illuminati democrats to figure this out. He is not honest about his past and his links to these radicals, but no one is calling him out on it because the MSM is as liberal and lefty as he is!

Dennis said...

I don't buy illuminati conspiracies. I think the real life statements of people like Obama (e.g. spreading the wealth around, removing all limitations on abortion, rescinding DOMA, and his statement that "if they bring a knife, we'll bring a gun") as well as the staements of people like Ahmennjutjob and Osama bin Laden) as well as the saber rattling by Russia, are enough to cause consern without postulating some kind of behind-the-scenes illuminati conspiracy.

I don't think there is any conspiracy theory adequate enough to tie Islamic radicals, Russian atheists, and European (and Obama) socialists together.