Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama--reaching accross the aisle?

Barack Obama gave an interview yesterday in which he promised to appoint a Republican to his cabinet. Proof that Obama is trying to unify the country, right?

Pardon my skepticism but it needs to be noted that numerous Presidents have appointed members of the opposition party to their cabinets, so President-elect Obama would not be doing anything new. Second, some important questions must be asked. For example,

Will he appoint a RINO (Republican in name only)? While that might look like he is reaching accross the aisle, it would really not amount to much more than smoke and mirrors.

Will he appoint a Republican Senator. This would just potentially lower the number of Republican Senators bringing the Democrats closer to a fillabuster-proof super majority.

Will he appoint a Republican Senator from a State in which the Governor is authorized to appoint a replacement--and the Governor is a Democrat? This would be nothing more than a blatant power grab.

If Mr. Obama does any of the above, he will have a hard time convincing anyone but Democrats that he is sincere in trying to unite the country.

On the other hand, if he appoints one or more right-wing, anti-same-sex marriage, Pro-Life Republicans who are not Senators, then I will concede that he may possibly be making a sincere attempt to reach across the aisle.

Time will tell.


Jason said...

I'm betting on the RINO.

mnotaro said...

Yeah, Obamatrons are all excited about their liberal illuminati President elect, throwing around his promises of bringing in Republicans into his administration to show what an upstanding, anti-political guy he is. But they don't do the research and know that it is actually in Obama's best interest to bring in a Republican Senator; therefore, having one less Repub in the House. Duh! But I will be SHOCKED and fall over backwards if he actually brings in a true RIGHT wing non-Senator into his administration....but I won't hold my breath either!