Sunday, November 09, 2008

Not Christmas but Obamas

I understand that plans are underway "to promote a national holiday for Barack Obama, who will become the nation’s 44th president when he takes the oath of office Jan. 20."

Maybe we could have this national holiday on his birthday, August 4. Reminiscent of Christmas, we could call it "Obamas."

We no longer have the freedom to celebrate Christmas in the public schools, but I'm sure students would be allowed (even pressured) to celebrate the holiday of "Obamas."

Eventually Congress could pass an Act requiring big pictures of Obama on billboards, signs, and buildings all over the country--kind of like Sadam Hussein's picture was all over their country. Instead of singing "Hail to the chief" we could just say, "Heil Obama."

Barack Obama will be our next President and I respect that but let's not get carried away. We aleady have a President's day. We don't need an Obama holiday.


Kevin said...

Um... you realize the planning meetings for this are being held at McDonalds (a fact which Malkin includes in her post, but chooses to ignore in order to justify posting this nuttery). Maybe I'm out of the loop on this, but the last time I checked serious political movements don't hold their meetings at a McDonalds.

In the 65+ million people that voted for Obama there are likely to be a bunch of real nutcases, but highlighting this as if it was some sort of serious achievable "plan" or even a mainstream idea within his support base is somewhat deceptive. Christians get very upset when ultra-wackos, claiming to be Christians, scream hateful things at people and then are highlighted as if they were mainstream or significant. Barack Obama and his supporters should be treated in the same way we expect to be treated.

Dennis said...


Your point is well taken, but I wasn't attacking all Obama supporters. Nor was I implying that this was some mainstream idea. I was simply mocking the nutjobs who are supporting this looney Obama holiday idea.

By the way, if Christians do stupid things--like those who preach a prosperity gospel, or like the wacko Baptist Church in Kansas that protests at funerals--I criticize them too.

Kevin said...

Fair enough.

I'm just angry that these so-called Obama supporters aren't taking into consideration the dietary needs of vegans by holding their planning meetings at McDonalds. It's insensitive, and dietist (that is, to be bigoted against those with different dietary life choices).