Friday, November 14, 2008

More homosexual hate

More homosexual hate. Why aren't the major gay rights groups condemning these threats of violence? Are these of violence being investigated?


jazzycat said...

This is the perfect example of why all citizens should be armed to protect their homes and property. I am and I will.

professor ed said...

Why indeed. I believe "moderate" Gays, such as the Log Cabin Republicans, etc., have been silenced through intimidation; actual or implied. Other extremist groups have frequently used this approach, whether it be religious or political, with the results they seek; radical Gays are no exception. But never fear, I am sure our totally honest, pure in heart, highly intelligent, completely unbiased president-elect is on top of the situation even as I type this response. Paging the man behind the curtain; whoops I mean the wizzard of oz!