Monday, November 17, 2008

More gay "tolerance" in San Francisco

For a detailed description of the "tolerance" of San Francisco's gay community please take time to read Michelle Malkin's post.

If Christians were treating gays this way, it would be endlessly shown and discussed on every major TV news network and on the front page of every major paper in the country.

Major gay rights groups either need to step up to the plate and strongly denounce this harrassment and violence, or we have every right to assume that they support it.

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mnotaro said...

I am shocked to see such hatred and frightening, malicious anger from a group of people who want to be treated just like everyone else and who just want to be accepted and don't want to be discriminated against...but isn't that what they are doing to the Prop 8 supporters? The liberal illuminati are all about civil rights--only when it fits in with their agenda, and if it doesn't then the right to have an opinion is apparently not allowed to be heard?!!!