Saturday, November 01, 2008

Iranian missiles and the U.S.

According to the Jerusalem Post (via Jihad Watch), "The head of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency said Friday that Iran was not far from attaining the means of using missiles against all of Europe and against the US in five to six years..."

What do you think will happen when Iran has the capability of putting nuclear warheads on these missiles?

But no worries. I'm sure Barack Obama will be able to sit down with Ahmanutjob face to face and convince him of the error of his ways--just like John F. Kennedy was able to convince the Soviet Union's Nikita Khrushchev to give up their imperialistic ambitions.

Oh, wait, bad example. When John F. Kennedy met face to face with Nikita Khrushchev, Khrushchev came away with the impression that Kennedy was weak. That impression led Khrushchev to conclude that he could get away with putting nuclear missiles in Cuba--a decision that came very close beginning World War III.

Do you really think the Iranian mullahs are going to think Obama--with his boundless faith in negotiation--is stronger than McCain? Do you really think that Obama's perceived weakness will lead to peace?

Before the Iraq war, not only the CIA, but the world's intelligence agencies (and even prominent Democrats!) were all saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. But although Barack Obama had no reason to believe otherwise, and although ten years of negotiation with Saddam Hussein hadn't worked, Barack Obama still did not want to take any meaningful action. He just wanted to negotiate.

I am convinced that Barack Obama will negotiate with the Iranians until Iran has the capability not only to make intercontinental ballistic missiles, but to put nuclear warheads on them as well.

But unlike the old Soviet Union, Iran will not be detoured by threats of retaliation. That is because their religious duty is to take over the world for Allah and it really doesn't matter to them whether millions die in the cause or not. As one Islamic extremist said, "We love death more than you love life."

If Obama wins the election it might be a good idea to start learning Farsi and Arabic now, unless, of course, you are one of us obstinate Christians who refuse to convert. If we're lucky, they'll just kill us. If not, we'll become dhimmis.

I know. This is just rabid fear-mongering. But in World War II it only took two small (by today's standards) nuclear bombs to bring Japan, one of the most powerful empires on earth, to its knees. History is littered with the memories of nations who once thought they were unconquerable and would last forever. It is extraordinarily dangerous for us to assume that of all nations which have ever existed, we are different.

Please vote for McCain. If not for yourself, for your children and grandchildren.

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