Monday, November 03, 2008

Homosexuality and Barack Obama

Most Americans—including many Christians—really have no idea what is in store for us when Barack Obama becomes President.

Obama has promised to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which he will be able to do if he gets a Democratic supermajority in Congress—and this is entirely possible.

Once the Defense of Marriage Acts is overturned, all states will be forced to recognize homosexual marriage whether the voters like it or not.

When homosexual marriage becomes official public policy, the public schools will promote it with a vengeance. Your children will be forced to sit through gay days, gay pride assemblies and classroom homosexual brainwashing which will teach younger and younger children that their parent’s religion—Christianity, Judaism and Islam—is wrong and that parents who disagree with homosexual behaviors are hateful bigots!

This is not just idle speculation. This is already happening in Massachusetts where homosexual marriage is legal and where a court decided that not only did the schools have an obligation to conduct such brainwashing, but that parents did not have the right to opt their children out of it! Children as young as third grade are being exposed to this abuse.

Oh, and unless you are rich, forget sending your children to private school. Obama and his cohorts, Pelosi and Reid are against school vouchers. Leftists, who are firmly in control of the National Education Association, view forced state education as the means by which they can brainwash the next generation into their social agendas—including acceptance of homosexual lifestyles. They do not want students opting out by going to private schools or home schools.

In the atmosphere generated by the new Obama state, anyone who disagrees with homosexual behavior or who teach/preach against it will increasingly be viewed as hateful bigots. This is not just fear mongering. It is already happening.

When the Democratic supermajority begins to pass various hate laws, such preachers and teachers will be persecuted here just like they are in Canada, England and Australia.

Some people naively think that our Constitution will protect us. As the Supreme Court stands right now, the Constitution probably would protect us. But Barack Obama believes in appointing Supreme Court justices who “interpret” (actually, pervert) the Constitution in accordance with the current standards of political correctness and public policy.

Under an Obama court, the Constitution will be re-interpreted in a way which does not protect speech against homosexual behavior. It will be argued that such speech will open homosexuals up to harassment, intimidation and even violence. The Left won’t care, however, that Christians may be exposed to harassment, intimidation and violence when the public schools and media teach that those who disagree with homosexual behaviors are hateful bigots.

Again, this is not just fear mongering. Things like this are already happening in Massachusetts and California where homosexual marriage is legal. When Obama becomes President the tyranny will begin to spread like gangrene.

The book of Leviticus lists a number of sins that are so terrible they are called perversions and abominations. The text says that it is for these sins that the land of the Canaanites "vomits" out its people, and the text solemnly warns the Jewish people against committing such sins lest the land vomit them out as well (Leviticus 18). Among these sins are sex with close relatives, sex with animals, and sex with those of the same sex.

Some Christians, however, will object that this is the Old Testament, as if God has changed his mind or as if that just doesn’t apply any more. But Romans 1:26-27, First Corinthians 6:9 and First Timothy 1:10 also strongly warn against those who “practice homosexuality” (ESV, emphasis mine). (It is important to note that the issue is not about “sexual orientation.” It is about behavior).

There are many “Christians” whose “theology” is Christian in name only. They appeal to the Bible when it is convenient to do so or when the Bible supports their own agendas.

But how dare Evangelical Christians who claim the Bible as our final authority in faith and practice, vote for a candidate who has promised to make it national public policy to support and promote lifestyle behaviors which the Bible declares abominable and says will lead to the destruction of a nation!

God help us!

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