Saturday, November 08, 2008

Gun control saves lives?

According to Canada's National Post, "This week, Chicago took over as murder capital of the United States. There are several cities that have higher murder rates per 100,000 population, but no city with more total murders."

The "strange" thing about this is that "Chicago has also had a complete ban on handgun sales and possession since 1982." If the gun control lobby was right, wouldn't you expect murder rates to go down? So why has the number of murders gone up?

The National Post assessment is right on:
Criminals ignore laws against handgun ownership more contemptuously even than they ignore those again robbery, assault, rape, drug-dealing and murder.

Crusading politicians may keep law-abiding citizens from possessing guns, but that will do nothing to stop firearms crimes because law-abiding citizens aren't shooting down their rival meth pushers outside strip clubs at 2 a. m.

Not having guns does, however, prevent law abiding citizens from protecing their families in the event of a 2 A.M. home invasion by rapists, murderers and sadists.

The Left is more compassionate toward the perpetrators than they are toward the victims.


Jason said...

I sometimes wonder if arguing over statistics and numbers isn't the way to handle this sort of thing. The founders of our nation understood protecting one's self, family and property to be a right that every human is entitled, and thus the right to bear arms was made.

I understand the importance of background checks so that criminals don't get the weapons, but at the same time, these bans (like you mention) are a travesty. It's basically the leaders giving over the lambs to the wolves.

Robert said...


It's important to remember that the right to bear arms wasn't just to protect one's family or hunt, it was designed as a means to provide the citizenry the ability to rebel should the government get too out of hand. The founding fathers were absolutely paranoid of an all powerful government and it's important we not lose that paranoia.