Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Free Speech at Yuba College

The president of Yuba College in California threatened a student with suspension if he continued to hand out Gospel tracts "without a permit" (ADF).

Liberals once upheld freedom of speech. The still believe in tolerance, of course, but they're only tolerant of the things they support.

Fortunately, a federal court has ordered the college to suspend its bigoted, anti-religion, anti-free speech policies (though the court didn't put it quite that way :-) pending a January 16 hearing.

A few years ago I participated in a "Round Table" on freedom of speech at Oxford University. I made the point that Evangelicals tend to support freedom of speech more than modern liberals. The moderator affirmed his support for freedom of speech but said there needed to be limits on proselytization.

In other words, this liberal thought that if you simply put a label, like "proselytization" on some forms of speech, then it was OK to censor it! And he actually thought he was a defender of free speech!

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professor ed said...

This "newspeak" reminds me of the old Soviet Union's Constitution; which guaranteed freedom of speech. But there was a little "hitch". While a citizen was allowed to say whatever he/she desired, they had to be willing to suffer the consequence if the Party did not approve of what they were espousing. Now there's democrcy in action!!