Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Eighth grader sent home

On Halloween, a New Jersey eighth grader wore a costume to school which was considered so outrageous he was sent home. With other students wearing costumes of all kinds of evil, what could be so horrible that a student would be sent home?

The boy came dressed as Jesus.

He was sent home because his costume might offend other students and disrupt the education process! (OneNewsNow).


Kevin said...

Maybe school shouldn't be about costumes and should be about learning and improving oneself. I think the whole costume, party, decoration nonsense is in itself a distraction from the learning process... not to mention potentially offensive.

professor ed said...

I wonder if the student had come dressed as Moses or Judas Iscariot, or Abraham, would these have been offensive to Agnostics, or Atheists? I wonder if said student had come dressed as Muhammed, or Buddah, or Confucious, what then? While I agree with Kevin that costumes can distract from the learning process, if the costume wearer is required to research that figure, then this can also be a learning process, if political correctness stays out of the picture!