Friday, November 07, 2008

Calls for violence against Christians

In California, some gay people are calling for violence against Christians. According to AFTH comments like this have appearned on prominent gay activist web sites:
“I’m going to give them something to be f – ing scared of. … I’m a radical who is now on a mission to make them all pay for what they’ve done.”

Someone outside of California pleaded with Californians to start burning down Mormon places of worship.

On the other hand, one gay rights activist chastized his fellow gay activists saying:
Yes, isn’t it wonderful that all these wonderful boys and girls who fly their rainbow flag and talk about “tolerance” would advocate violence against institutions and people that didn’t vote their way in an election, i.e. the free exercise of DEMOCRACY.” Fidel [Castro] and Hugo [Chavez] would be oh so proud.


Jason said...

I think this stuff just makes them look bad. The more they promote violence and aggression the more no one is going to ever listen to them. And apparently, California, a widely held liberal state has decided against it anyway. I'm hoping this means the majority of Americans have some moral common sense toward the issue. But, I'm not going to jump to any generalities or conclusions. ;P

knowitall said...

The liberal illuminati are saying it's okay to be violent towards Christians? And what about the mainstream media who jump on the GOP for ads, but not on the Gays for their act of actual violence.