Friday, October 24, 2008

U.S.S.R. United States Socialist Revolution

According to OneNewsNow, "Barack Obama's presidential campaign is pressuring the Department of Justice to put off a probe of voter registration fraud allegations leveled against the now infamous liberal group ACORN."

Wouldn't an honest candidate want allegations of voter fraud investigated regardless of party affiliation? And isn't this just a legal form of obstruction of justice?

But it gets worse! The Obama campaign is actually pressuring the justice department to investigate those who have concerns about ACORN!!!

So if you make your concerns known about organizations that support Barack Obama, Obama's legal thugs will come after you! (This seems to be a pattern with the Obama campaign)!

If they use these heavy-handed Marxist-style intimidations before the election, what do you think they will do after they get in power?

When Barack Obama says he wants to change the way Washington works, he wasn't kidding! The U.S.S.R used to stand for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In the near future it may stand for United States Socialist Revolution under Barack Obama.

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knowitall said...

The socialist illuminati have control, and spread the wealth they will do, so get ready for it.