Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin is back!

Whether you think Sarah Palin or Joe Biden won the debate last night probably says more about your own political leaning than about the debate.

Personally, I thought both candidates did well, but considering the fact that Biden has been in the Senate for 25 years, and Palin is a Washington outsider and relative new-comer, I thought Palin did amazingly well. She certainly exceeded everyone's expectations.

The nature of debates, however is that you are forced to talk off the top of your head so it is inevitable that you get some of the facts wrong. FactCheck.Org has a good summary of the misstatements. (Hat tip: Kevin).

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Kevin said...

I really enjoyed the debate. I thought Sarah Palin did a good job of stating the things she wanted to... getting her message across. Biden was crisp and did a better job of attacking (although I was surprised to see focus groups overwhelmingly connected with Palin). Biden's wrong and given his experience could have done better.

I hope, now that the economic stabilization bill has passed John McCain will take the gloves off and explain that Democrats and their unsustainable policies, however nice they sound, cause disaster, instability, and extreme expense.