Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Real Barack Obama : Another Terrorist In Obamaland | Rashid Khalidi - Anti-Israel Agenda?

This is video clip is truly disturbing. It now appears that Obama also has connections to someone who worked for the PLO at a time when the PLO was designated as a terrorist organization. As with domestic terrorist Willilam Ayers, Obama downplays the relationship but as Middle East expert Daniel Piples demonstrates, the connection between Obama and Khalidi is far more than Obama acknowledges. Obama is not telling us the truth!


Carsten said...

Regardless of how close these ties were (which it seems they were not) and how 'terroristic' this guy is/was (which it seems he is/was not). Consider this: up until this year, Nelson Mandela, one of the most respected statesmen of our time was considered a terrorist by the US (not the racist apartheid regime however). Embarassing said Condoleezza Rice, and Bush signed the bill releasing Mandela from this mark of shame (on the US) July 1st this year.

Dennis said...

I'm not sure I'm following you, Carsten.

Are you seriously denying that the PLO was ever a terrorist organization? If you deny that the PLO was a terrorist organization then you are beyond the possibility of rational discussion.

But if you acknowledge that the PLO was a terrorist organization, why should Americans not be concerned about possible connections between Obama and the PLO? Shouldn't this at least be investigated?

You know that if someone discovered that McCain or Palin had connections to the PLO it would be the leading news story on every TV station and newspaper in the country!

Carsten said...
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Carsten said...

Hi Dennis,

I had to delete my previous post, lizard brain stuff. In the meantime I had a look around your blog and decided to give you an honest opinion instead:

I think the US has been way too liberal with the 'terrorist' label, the PLO being one such example. Granted, they have engaged in terrorist actities, which I strongly condemn, but so has the US, and Israel for that matter. In my book, noone has any God given (or otherwise given) right to slaughter innocents. Israel needs to cease and desist, as does the Palestinians.

Now as to the connection Rashid Khalidi and Obama: it obviously looses such grave importance from this point of view, unless Obama turned out to be a paid agent or likewise of the PLO though this affiliation - I'm sure you agree that this has been sufficiently clarified, and that the connection between them is purely coincidental.

I notice in your blog entries how you often imply that media is somehow biased, and you often try and "switch positions", like you do here by asking what would happen if McCain was found to be a PLO affiliate. That would obviously be a big sensation, but the comparison is unfair. A more realistic scenario would be if it was found out that Mcain had an connectuion to Neo Nazis and Central American death squads (I'm sure you agree these groups qualify as terrorists). I'm not sure if this affiliation (as a board member of has been on every TV Station and newspapaer in the country. And for the record, I do consider this fact beside the point, it is just a reflection of bad judgement by McCain, nothing else.

Dennis said...

Carsten wrote,

"In my book, noone has any God given (or otherwise given) right to slaughter innocents. Israel needs to cease and desist, as does the Palestinians."

I certainly agree. But Israel has done everything but commit mass suicide in order to have peace with their neighbors and yet their neighbors don't want peace...they want nothing less than the destruction of Israel!

If Hezbollah, Hamas, the PLO and Syria were to acknowledge Israel's right to exist and begin taking strong actions to stop the violence, the situation in the Middle East would improve over night! But you and I both know there is a better chance that hell will freeze over.

Now about Khalidi....the problem in not just Khalidi. It is the criminal Rezko and and terrorist William Ayers, and racist Jeremiah Wright and ACORN and on and on. Obama has a pattern and history of very bad and scary judgment.

Carsten said...

I'm not afraid of Obama. The issues you mention are a mixture of quite normal human errors, irrelevant coincidences and pure fabrications. Similar stuff is being spread up about McCain, to little use I would say, very few make up their minds based on such, but I guess newsrooms and bloggers need something to do with the time on their hands.

You get a pretty good impression of what kind of guys both of them are by watching them debate, and reading up on their biographies, and by trusting at least some people in media to do their job: I like Factcheck, and see you have quoted them also.

Beyond that it's everyones guess what will happen after any of them win. Personally I hope for Obama, because he comes across as the better man, but also because I can't wait to see the expressions of pride and newfound dignity on the faces of slave descendants, africans and third world people everywhere: that one of them was able to aspire and win the finest office in the world though a fair battle. In the final end it's a tribute to the US itself obviously.