Saturday, October 25, 2008

Powerful, greedy corporations

Barack Obama wants to sock it to all those powerful, greedy corporations. He wants to take their money and give it back to the poor and middle class.

Sounds great doesn't it! Who doesn't want to "stick it" to these "greedy" corporations? Who wouldn't want their taxes lowered and maybe even get money back from the government--all paid for by "greedy" corporations?

What millions of Americans don't seem to understand is that this is all just smoke and mirrors!

As Mike Huckabee pointed out this morning, when the government increases taxes on corporations, these corporations just pass those taxes on to you in the form of higher prices--higher prices for food, clothing, housing, utilities, transportation; in fact, higher prices for everything!

So you might think that by voting for Obama you are sticking it to the corporations but you are in fact, just sticking it to yourself!

Barack Obama is probably smart enough to know that. But since most Americans don't get it, it may well get Obama elected, which, of course, is just the point.

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knowitall said...

These corporations are now begging the left-wing illuminati for a bailout, and the greedy businessmen are going to get it.