Saturday, October 04, 2008

Obsession; the movie

Some newspapers have printed a paid advertisment promoting an outstanding video called "Obsession." The video specifically target Islamic terrorists and makes it clear that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful.

Even so, these newspapers have received massive complaints from people upset about the ads (Associated Press).

My guess is that this is about politically correct left-wing nuts stiring up protests by their mindless lemings over a video most of the potesters have probably never even seen! I have seen the video. It specifically says it is not about peaceful Muslims.

Let's be clear. These Left-wing nuts are opposing the warning of Americans about the clear and present danger posed by terrorist enemies of America. These Left-wing nuts are opposing freedom of the press by attacking newspapers which run these paid advertisments. These left-wing nuts are a greater danger to America than the terrorists themselves!

(Hat tip: alcamadus)

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