Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama on America and Nazi Germany

Minnesota's Michelle Bachmann questioned the patriotism of some members of Congress and she is now in danger of losing the election over it. Barack Obama has compared America with Nazi Germany and he is about to be elected.



Robert said...

Actually, she didn't even challenge their patriotism. She was asked if Obama held some views that might be anti-American. Bachmann said she thought he may have some views that are anti-American.

She suggested that the media do their job and do some investigative reporting on Congress to see exactly what views people hold. This caused the leftist media to explode in rage suggesting that Michelle Bachmann was calling for a McCarthy-like investigation. She never did so.

However, the fact that the media no longer cares about the truth should be obvious. They do such a poor job of reporting the facts that people like Bachmann should be calling them out for shoddy reporting practices. It's a shame that MSNBC got away with sliming Bachmann with a word they actually were the ones to use (anti-american). It's a shame that the Star Tribune gets away with distorting Bachmann's quotes. I guess the only thing we as consumers can do is stop supporting them and hopefully they'll go out of business.

knowitall said...

He could say whatever he feels like saying. The people will never say anything, nor will the mainstream media illuminati call him or any liberal out.

knowitall said...

He agrees with the plans of our enemies. Why would the liberal illuminati take the advice, or agree with our enemies? Logic or stupidity?