Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama knew Ayers was a terrorist!

Responding to increasing pressure about terrorist William Ayers, Barack Obama now says he "assumed" that Ayers had been rehabilitation.

Assumed? Are you kidding me? If you were meeting with an admitted terrorist who had bombed govenment buildings and had killed people, would you just assume that he had been rehibilitated? It would take very, very poor judgment to make such an assumption!

Obama's statement about assuming Ayers had been rehibilitated is a smoking gun. It is Barack Obama's admission that he did in fact know that Ayers was a terrorist when the two were meeting together to launch Obama's career.


jazzycat said...

Unbelievable! Can you imagine a conservative Republican launching his career in the home of a radical KKK terrorist who admitted his terrorist activity? The silence from the main stream media is deafening on this issue.

knowitall said...

Of course he knew Ayers was a terrorist, the entire county knew this. What is shocking is that the intelligent Ivy-League illuminati kept their association with him. It didn't matter though, that was obvious.