Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama and the terrorist

If McCain’s campaign had begun in the living room of a KKK member, is there any question that his political career would have been over a long, long time ago? Democrats would be rightfully outraged and Republicans would have dropped him like a hot potato!

But when we find out that Barack Obama’s campaign began in the living room of an admitted terrorist, someone who founded an organization that bombed government buildings and killed people; someone who as recently as 2001 said, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough”—the media and most of the American people seem to think this is irrelevant to Obama’s presidential campaign!



winnezhx said...

if the McCain Campaign had begun in the living room of a KKK member? WHY couldn't you have just said terrorist? why KKK? That statement alone upsets me.

The fact that you draw a correlation is this article between William Ayers, and the KKK only tells me that the racial divide is still alive and well.

If OBAMAs campaign began in the home of a KKK member I guarantee his campaign would be done as well. Wiliam Ayers is a US citizen, former early childhood educator, and now college professor (right up Obama's alley.)

And by the way, Osama Bin Laden was trained on US soil, by the US government.

Dennis said...


My point was pretty clear. If McCain's campain had begun in the living room of someone belonging to a disgusting, despicable, violent, radical organization like the KKK, his campaing would have rightfully ended a long time ago.

But for reasons beyond comprehension, Barack Obama's campaign can begin in the living room of the FOUNDER of a disgusting, despicable, violent, radical organization, and half the country seems perfectly content to look the other way!

Yes, William Ayers is now a college professor...what does that have to do with anything? Former KKK supporters have even been in Congress!!!! Only about seven years ago Ayers referred to his bombings and said that he hadn't done enough!

Finally, I'm a bit confused as to why my comparison of the KKK with William Ayers' terrorist organization bothers you. Are you actually defending one of these disgusting groups?

knowitall said...

Oh, if McCain would have been around any KKK members, the mainstream media illuminati would have been on that in a hurry, damaging his character. Terrorist associations are okay I guess.