Thursday, October 09, 2008

Obama and the terrorist

Barack Obama once said that admitted terrorist William Ayers was just a guy in his neighborhood. It turned out that Barack Obama's political campaign was launched with the help of William Ayers. Now, according to a Fox News report this morning, Michelle Obama once worked in the same law offices as William Ayers's wife.

Apparently the connection between the Obama's and the Ayer's is much stronger than the Obama's want to acknowledge.

My guess is that if McCain or Palin had any connection whatsoever with a terrorist, their political careers would be over. Yet Barack Obama is a guy who catapults into the national scene from practically nowhere and most of the American people seem unconcerned that he has lied about his connections to an admitted terrorist!


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Norma said...

Actually, it is quite believable. I'm unhappy that my alma mater, the U. of I. kept the records undercover through obscure rules for so long, plus it employs Bill Ayers. A conservative probably couldn't even get an interview to be a secretary in the English Dept.!