Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama and ACORN

Obama loves to brag about his experience as a community organizer. That may not be as positive as Obama wants you to believe. It's beginning to look like voter registration fraud may be rampant in ACORN, the community organization Obama worked for. ACORN organizations are being investigated for voter fraud in over a half dozen states (I think the actual number is nine), their offices have been raided in Nevada, and in one Indiana city one half of the registrations submitted by ACORN appear to be fradulant!

Now, in strategy that sounds like it could have come directly from the playbook of Obama's former pastor Jeremiah Wright, the ACORN offices under investigation are playing the race card saying the investigations are motivated by racism!

When you combine all of this this with charges that the Obama campaign is actively seeking illegal campaign money overseas and uses intimidation to silence opposition; and Obama's relationships with criminals like Tony Rezko and William Ayers, or his advisor who had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (a Muslim terrorist group), or Sam Graham-Felsen, a hardcore Marxist who was Obama's official blogger, and charges by the Iraqi foreign minister that Obama once pressured the Iraqi government to keep U.S. troops there until after the would think that the American people would drop Obama like a hot potato (There is no doubt that if even one of these charges had been made against McCain, he would be out).

But so many Obama supporters are like little children who stick their fingers in their ears and sing la, la, la, la, la, la because they just don't want to hear it.

America is in deep, deep, trouble.


Alcamadus said...

Obviously they'll scream racism. What other weapon do they have to stave off the accusations?

jazzycat said...

Let us hope that America's ACORNS are coming home to rot in Obama's lap......

Dennis said...


Can you imagine Obama's cabinet and the federal bureauocracy packed with Obama's ACORN buddies and other people he is endebted to, like the Rezko's, Wright's and Ayers!