Thursday, October 02, 2008

Michelle Malkin's e-mails

Today Michelle Malkin posted one of the many e-mails she gets. The arrogant racism and sexism exhibited against Ms. Malkin by the Left-wing writer of this e-mail is a good example of the unbelievable blindness and hypocrisy of so many on the far-Left.

They think of themselves as enlightened defenders of women and "people of color" but when any women or people of color (like Ms. Malkin) dare to disagree with their Leftist ideology, many on the far-Left irrupt in rabid rage, vomiting their vile venom all over the place.

Sarah Palin, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, and Colin Powell are examples of others who have been on the receiving end of far-Left racism and/or sexism. The intersting thing is that the far-Left loonies seem to be too ignorant or blind to even recognize their own hypocrisy!

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professor ed said...

Alas the far left loons are not necessarily "ignorant". The are instead like donkeys (not horses, because nearly all are Democrats lol) with extreme political blinders on. They cannont/will not contribute any kind of logic or sanity to opinions given by anybody they deem left of center, center, or "right wing; which is anybody determined to be right of center, EG: Daily KOS, Huffington Post,, etc.