Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween?

Even though America is in a serious financial crisis, according to "A recent survey by the National Retail Federation" Halloween spending will be up this year. Americans are expected to spend $5.77 billion dollars on Halloween!

Isn't it ironic that 1) while Americans so were furious about the the waterboarding of three terrorists at Gitmo, and 2) while Americans appear to be about to elect Barack Obama, in no small part because they think Obama has more compassion on the poor; Americans then go out and spend nearly six BILLION dollars on a holliday celebrating terror and torture?!

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professor ed said...

I agree, that it is a lot of money to spend on treats. But why not consider another angle: "escapeism". Sometimes, when times are tough, and folks can afford to do so, people will spend money on a movie, an amusement park, etc, to try, just for a while, to leave their financial/economic/social worries behind. Especially with this year's Halloween falling on a friday, a lot of "partying" is anticipated.