Monday, October 06, 2008

A glib and cocky know-it-all

For those who didn't have time to read Thomas Sowell's outstanding article cited earlier today in Recliner Commentaries, I thought I'd cut to the chase and quote the bottom line. Of Barack Obama, Dr. Sowell says,

But the country does not deserve to be put in the hands of a glib and cocky know-it all, who has accomplished absolutely nothing beyond the advancement of his own career with rhetoric, and who has for years allied himself with a succession of people who have openly expressed their hatred of America.

Thomas Sowell is absolutely right. The only question is how so many Americans could be hoodwinked the "glib and cocky know-it-all.

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professor ed said...

Despite the insightful comments of Dr. Sowell, and the concerns voiced by Lynn Foresta de Rothschild, the American voter appears focused on electing a highly inexperienced politician from Chicago, and vicinity, NOT because he is particularly capable to do a VERY DEMANDING job, but because potential voters continue to be pursuaded that Republicans--past and present--are responsible for the current financial tohubohu. Despite evidence to the contrary--Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, and a Democrat-controlled congress since 2006, our nation of voters seems, according to national poles, more and more willing to accept "A glib and cocky know-it-all" who talks about Americans seeking solace in their guns and religion, because the feeling is that the "unknown" has GOT TO BE BETTER than the "known"--John McCain. I hope I this assessment is wrong.