Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Evangelical vote

I’m appealing only to Evangelical Christians today. It seems to me that…

Those who think America is to blame for the world’s evil

Those who place the earth or animals on the same level of importance as people

Those who want to force Israel to make endless concessions to the terrorists sworn to kill them

Those who think conservative Christians are as bad as Muslim fundamentalists

Those who support the use of tax-payers’ money for anti-Christian hate “art” like a crucifix dipped in urine or the virgin Mary spattered with elephant dung

Those who fought to “enable” drug addicts by providing them with fresh needles

Those who support illegal behavior like mayors convicted of drug use Congresswomen who strike Capital Hill policemen, or Congressmen who hide illegally obtained money in their freezer

Those who oppose freedom of speech when they deem such speech to be politically incorrect

Those who oppose freedom of speech by disrupting speakers with whom they disagree

Those who fought to remove the Ten Commandments from courthouses

Those who fought to remove manger scenes from city squares and parks

Those who fought to keep Gideon Bibles from being distributed near public schools (even with parental consent)

Those who fought to remove Jesus from public school Christmas programs

Those who use the legal system to keep students from hearing that the world may have come into existence by a creator

Those who want to re-define "freedom of religion" to mean freedom to worship in your home or church only

Those who want Supreme Court justices who will "interpret" the Constition (including freedom of religion) in light of modern liberal standards

Those who ran a Catholic adoption agency out of business simply because the agency wouldn’t adopt to homosexual couples

Those who fight against the Boy Scout’s right to use parks and other public places

Those who fight against student’s free speech right to bear witness to their faith at graduation ceremonies

Those who fight against military chaplains’ rights to pray “in Jesus’ name”

Those who fight to remove crosses from government parks and cemeteries

Those who fight to remove all signs of our nation’s Christian heritage from the public square and public schools, but are absolutely silent when tax money is used to support Islam in public schools

Those who fight to allow cross-dressing men to use your wives’ and daughters’ restrooms

Those who fight to make Christian preaching on homosexuality a hate crime, but turn a blind eye to the egregious anti-Christian hate-mongering by various homosexual groups

Those who use the force of law to compel religious organizations to hire people who behave in ways that their religion holds to be immoral

Those who use the force of law to compel private business owners to provide services that violate their religious convictions

Those who fight to force the country to accept same-sex marriage even above the objections of voters

Those who oppose regulation even of hardcore pornography like child pornography and the pornographic depiction of the torture of women

Those who oppose blocking pornography from public library computers that are accessible to children

Those who fight against the teaching of abstinence but promote teaching children how to use condoms

Those who support teaching public school children that dangerous, same-sex relationships are perfectly acceptable behavior, and that all who disagree are bigots

Those who oppose homeschooling or vouchers in their attempt keep your children from escaping those public schools that are educationally sub-standard, or exhibit anti-Christian bigotry/indoctrination, or are drug infested, or are just plain violent

Those who fight for the “right” to kill unborn babies—even unborn babies who are partially born…

Those who support these issues are almost always Democrats!!!

Of course, not all Democrats agree with all of the points above, but if you asked people in an audience to raise their hand if they support any one of these issues, there is little doubt that the overwhelming majority of “those” in each case would be Democrats!

I’m not suggesting that the Republican Party is the solution to our problems. Evangelicals know that the underlying problem is spiritual and the only real solution would be something like another Great Awakening.

But in our national descent into decadence, Barack Obama and the Democrats will lead us into a freefall whereas John McCain and the Republicans are at least something of a parachute to slow the decline…or, if you prefer, salt to slow the decay (Matthew 5:13).

That being the case, I am at a loss to understand how Evangelical Christians can vote Democrat with a clear conscience.

If it is because you think Democrats are more socially compassionate or environmentally minded, then come over from the dark side and help make the Republicans more compassionate and environmentally minded.

But please, please, don’t give your support to a party that has been hijacked by so many who are, at their core, both immoral and anti-Christian.


professor ed said...

The answer to this is simple. Some Evangelical voters are more fixated on "filthy lucre" than they are on the core values of their Christian beliefs. Fear has superseded faith. Fear that the economy is in a shambles, and only the Democrats can fix it. Fear that those who vote against Obama will be considered "racist"; just look at the abhorrant comments by a well known civil rights icon from Georgia, as well as a Democrat senator from Penn.

St.Lee said...

Dennis, I started to comment on your statement "I am at a loss to understand how Evangelical Christians can vote Democrat with a clear conscience", but decided to create a post on my own blog about it instead. You can see it here:

Hope you don't mind me adding the link (though I guess its not really a link since you will have to cut and paste)

Dennis said...

st. Lee,

Good blog and post. I agree. I think the word "Evangelical" has been so watered down as to be almost meaningless. I encourage everyone to check out st. lee's blog.