Saturday, October 18, 2008

Democrats' assault on freedom

When I was growing up, liberals were the ones who championed free speech, fought for the free exchange of ideas and condemned censorship. Many people seem to think that the modern Democratic Party continues this tradition. I think they are wrong. The modern Democratic Party has been hi-jacked by far Left radicals who have taken a dangerous turn toward fascism in their opposition to freedom. Hear me out.

Take for example, the Democrat's Orwellian “Employee Free Choice Act.” Far from ensuring free choice, this act would actually do the exact opposite. The Act takes away an employee’s right to vote on a private ballot when deciding whether to unionize or not.

When employees cross picket lines, violence is often a very real possibility. What do you think will happen when employees know that if they vote against unionization, that vote will be known to union organizers and their thugs?

This Act is such an unbelievable assault on freedom that even the very liberal former Democratic Senator George McGovern has taken out an ad against it!

So why would modern Democrats, like Al Franken, support such an assault on freedom? Because it adds to their power base, and power is more important to the new Democrats than freedom.

A second example of the Democrat’s assault on freedom would be their Orwellian “Fairness Doctrine.” This would require radio stations—which air conservative talk show programs—to give equal time to Left-wing talk shows. Sounds only fair doesn’t it? There are several problems with this.

First, if the Democrats were really interested in “fairness” then why not apply the Fairness Doctrine to all media including ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN? Why just radio?

The answer is as clear as it is simple. The mainstream media is on the side of the Democrats, while talk radio is largely conservative. The Democrats, therefore, want to shut down conservative radio. In other words, they want to shut down free speech which is exactly what the Fairness Doctrine will do.

On the radio, Left-wing drivel has not done well financially. When conservative radio stations are forced to include this Left-wing drivel, the financial drain will cause many stations either to change format or to go belly up, which, of course, is exactly what the Democrats want.

Second, how do you balance equal time, and who will decide what is “equal?” The answer is that the government—controlled by Left-wing Democrats—will decide what is fair and equal! Just how fair do you think that will be? Make no mistake about it: The Fairness Doctrine is a fundamental assault on Freedom of Speech because speech that is regulated by the government is not free!

Some conservatives seem unconcerned, however, saying that the Fairness Doctrine would never hold up in court. They are right that it should not hold up in court but they seem to forget that Barack Obama has promised to appoint Supreme Court justices who believe in “interpreting” the Constitution, not in light of original intention but in accordance with the politically correct standards of today (i.e., their own Left-wing ideology)! Any thoughts that an Obama court would strike down the Fairness Doctrine are wishful thinking. The result is that freedom of speech will suffer a major blow.

A third example of Democrat’s assault on freedom has to do with ACORN. Remember that Barack Obama was once a lawyer for ACORN and has since given $800,000 to their cause. He has commended their work and in a truly terrifying move, he has promised to include them in formatting the agenda for his administration!

Yet this is a group whose members have a record of criminal activity, a group that is under investigation in 13 states, a group that is known for its strong-arm tactics, a group that had no small part in our current financial melt-down, and a group known for its voter registration fraud—fraud which attacks free-speech at its heart by opening up the potential for “stuffing ballot boxes” so to speak and thereby denying voters the right to be heard.

Maybe I’ve missed something but it seems to me that the Democrats have been remarkably silent about ACORN!

A fourth example of Democrats assault on freedom is their support for hate crimes legislation. I certainly don’t want homosexuals, for example, to be treated badly, but we already have laws to punish those who assault people, including gay people. If hate crimes bills pass, however, America’s churches are in big trouble!

A pastor who simply teaches what the Bible says about homosexuality will be in danger of being charged with a hate crime if some idiot in his church decides to beat up on a gay person and says he got the idea from his pastor!

Even if the pastor is completely innocent, the potential legal threat to churches will have a chilling effect on freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Just defending against such frivolous lawsuits could cause some churches to close their doors—which, of course, is exactly what some in the gay rights movement want!

Of course many naively think it can’t happen here. They may not know that it already has happened in Australia, Canada and Great Britain!

Some will respond saying that our Constitution guarantees freedom of speech. Of course it does, but when Barack Obama packs the Supreme Court with judges who “interpret” the Constitution in light of modern standards of political correctness, that guarantee will not be worth the paper modern copies of the Constitution are printed on.

For dozens of other examples, just read the Recliner Commentary posts on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

The Democratic Party today is not the same as the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy or Scoop Jackson. Today, those like Senator Joe Lieberman who still stand in that old Democratic Party tradition are sometimes even castigated and ostracized by members their own party.

On the other hand, John McCain is much more like the Democrats of 40 years ago—which is why he has the support of some Democrats like Joe Lieberman. It is also why many of us on the Right will be voting more against Barack Obama than for John McCain.

Today’s Democratic Party has been hijacked by the far Left who have taken a dangerous turn toward fascism! Barack Obama is a socialist who is now at the forefront of this movement to change America! When Obama talks about changing America, he is not kidding!

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