Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Constitution, Freedom and Obama

Our constitutional guarantees to freedom of religion and free speech are not absolute. For example, if you spread damaging lies that you know to be untrue about your neighbor, “freedom of speech” will not protect you from charges of slander or libel. Or, if you were to sacrifice a virgin claiming that your religion requires you to do so, “freedom of religion” will not protect you from charges of murder.

So if a pastor stands up on a Sunday morning and preaches from Romans 1 that homosexual behavior is sinful and that we should love the sinner but hate the sin, could he be prosecuted for a hate crime?

That depends. When the majority of Supreme Court justices are “constructionists” who interpret the Constitution in light of the intention of the Founding Fathers, the pastor’s teaching will be fully protected by the Constitution.

But if Barack Obama has his way and appoints Supreme Court justices who believe that Constitution is a “living, breathing document” which should be “interpreted” (perverted) in light of modern standards of political correctness, there is absolutely nothing that would prevent Obama’s justices from deciding that calling homosexuality “sinful” constitutes hate speech.

Since our constitutional guarantees of free speech and freedom of religion are not absolute, there is absolutely nothing that would prevent Court from arbitrarily deciding that the Constitution does not protect speech that calls homosexuality sinful, even if it comes from the Bible.
Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are what is at stake in this election.

Those who say it can’t happen here need only look at Canada and Australia where pastors have already been prosecuted for calling homosexuality sinful.

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knowitall said...

Obama has taken away so many rights already, with guns and freedom of speech. What else will the elitist illuminati allow him to change and take from us?