Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An appeal to honest Democrats

On the Hugh Hewitt blog, Bill Dyer makes a plea to honest Democrats:

Don't close your eyes, my honest friends who are Democrats. Don't pretend it's not happening. Don't compromise your own honesty by refusing to see the dishonesty that is swirling around your preferred candidate's campaign.

Speak out. Demand more. I know you know who to call, who to write, who to email: They've been asking you for your (legal) contributions for months and months, now, haven't they?

For a start, every honest Democrat should demand that everyone associated with the decision to disable the most basic anti-fraud mechanisms from the Obama-Biden campaign's credit-card donations systems be publicly identified and immediately fired. Every honest Democrat should demand the immediate and full cooperation from the campaign — pointedly beginning with Barack Obama — in seeing them prosecuted and convicted.

Americans complain about corruption in politics but we have no one to blame but ourselves.

When it was to his financial advantage, Barack Obama flat out lied to the American people about public financing. And as the quote above demonstrates, Barack Obama's campaign is engaging in election fraud. Barack Obama himself has contributed $800,000 to ACORN which is committing voter registration fraud.

Why on earth would you vote for someone who has not only lied to your face, but whose campaign appears to be engaging in criminal election fraud?

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knowitall said...

They saw all that the elitist illuminati were covering up, but still gave them their support. What a shame.