Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Al Franken's hate speech

If you know anyone in Minnesota who is even thinking about voting for Al Franken for Senate, and if that person is Christian--or even if they are not Christian but have any sense of decency at all--please ask them to read Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten's excellent article on Al Franken.

Kersten clearly shows just how incredibly vile and bigoted Al Franken really is when it comes to his absolute hatred for Christianity and Christians.

As you read Kersten's short article, imagine that Franken's comments about Jesus or Christians were instead, directed at Muslims, Muhammad, African-Americans or gays! The whole country would be up in arms over Franken's hate-speech and the Democrats would have dropped him like a hot potato!

But Franken is being promoted not only by the Minnesota Democratic Party, but by the National Democratic Party as well! The fact that the Democrats would stoop so low as to support such a vile and hateful individual shows that in spite of all their rhetoric against hate speech, they are really not against hate speech at all. They're just against speech that disagrees with them!

Whether you live in Minnesota or not, please read Kersten's article and ask yourself whether the party that supports this hate is really the party you want running the White House and Congress.


Wisdom said...

Kathryn Kersten is a nut case. People in Minnesota know enough to disregard anything she says. Al Franken puts in practice more "Christian values" than Kathryn Kersten ever has, and Kersten should be suspect of being a bigoted Jew hater.

Dennis said...

A bigoted Jew hater? Why, because she opposes Al Franken's foul-mouthed immorality? And what "Christian values" would those be?