Sunday, September 28, 2008

Verbal bailout agreement

Just after midnight Congress apparently reached a verbal agreement on the bailout deal. It will involve 350 billion for the bailout with an additioal 350 billion if all goes well. The details still need to be worked out on paper.

I've heard that the bailout bill still includes a provision to provide money for such radical community groups as Acorn! I just sent an e-mail to my congressman asking him not to vote for any bailout program that provides money to such radical community groups. I told him that I would quite literally rather lose my house than to support such groups with our tax dollars.

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Kevin said...

More corruption... it's so apparent that Washington is full of corrupt politicians, they help create a financial crisis, and then line the pockets of the special interests that enabled them to stay in power. Hard working honest Americans will continue to lose over and over again with these politicians in power.