Thursday, September 11, 2008

The true face of the far left

One thing the selection of Sarah Palin has done is to rip the mask off the ugly face of the far left.

Those on the far left who seek to pass laws against hate speech, now regularly vomit vile hate speech against Ms. Palin.

Those supporters of religious pluralism are unable to hide their disgust and bigotry toward traditional Christianity.

Those defenders of women’s rights now regularly abuse and savage Sarah Palin for not supporting their leftist agenda.

Those on the far left who argued so passionately for women in leadership now want to keep a woman from breaking the glass ceiling.

Those proponents of compassion seem to have absolutly no compassion for a woman who refused to abort her Down’s Syndrome baby and whose daughter is in an unmarried pregnancy.

In short, those preachers of tolerance turn out to be some of the most intolerant people on the planet!

We now see the true face of the far left, from whom Barack Obama gets so much of his support.

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Alcamadus said...

I have to admit. It is rather humorous, and I think this time more people are seeing it than ever before.