Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Send Sarah Palin!

Barack Obama refuses to re-schedule Friday's debate which means that Obama has time to continue preparing while John McCain works on the financial crisis. The election commission says the debate will go on which, I presume, could mean that if McCain didn't show up, Barack Obama would have the whole show to himself.

It would appear that Obama has McCain over a barrell.

Ahh, but not so fast! What McCain should do is send Sarah Palin! This would reinforce the message that while Obama is campaigning, McCain is trying to save the country from disaster.

Not only that, but sending Palin would almost be in a no-loose situation. No one could reasonably expect her to win since she would only have a day to prepare and beside, no one would expect a Vice President candidate to defeat a candidate for President.

But, on the other hand, the Democrats have been ruthless in their criticism of Palin's inexperience. If she even held her own in this debate, it would be game over for Obama. (Hat tip to Kevin for this brilliant idea)


Kevin said...

I've emailed John McCain's campaign, posted replies on FoxNews with this suggestion... but I think w/ the power of the Recliner Commentaries behind the plan it's all but done :)

professor ed said...

YES!! I like it, I like it!! Anything to throw this tele-prompter adicted, former academic off his stride and into a slide.

Robert said...

LOL - that would REALLY say something to Obama wouldn't it?

Alcamadus said...

The only problem is the media will spin it against McCain (and even the Obama campaign) by saying that A.) McCain won't fight his own battles, but sends his attack dog and B.) Palin is already acting as if she will become president. The confusion and the awkward weirdness of the situation would probably hurt McCain's image. Not to mention, you remember when Bill Clinton went full throttle against Obama during the primaries, right? Barack Obama said, "I don't know who I am campaigning against anymore" You don't think he'll bring that argument up again? They'll throw jokes around too about how maybe Biden should debate McCain, and how Michelle Obama should debate Palin, and the terror will never stop.

Yeah, I can see it all going down. In a non-Obama biased liberal media world, your plan would be ridiculously amazing, but the liberal media is going to spin it and they're going to make it look bad against McCain. They are already trying to make McCain look like a pompous jerk by trying to look all heroic to help against the economy. They will do anything and everything to fight against McCain.

Alcamadus said...

Remember in the movie Back to the Future 3 when Marty was in the Saloon trying to help Doc wake up? And he was being called out to fight the gangster, but he didn't want to and was then being called a coward. Marty knows he's got to save the Doc, but he also knows to save face he has to go out there and face the gangster.

This is what McCain has to do. He's got to help the economy, and then go and face the gangster. Only then will this help him continue to excel and prove to America that he will go above and beyond to make things happen. If McCain doesn't show up to the debate tomorrow, he'll probably be mocked as a coward who didn't want to debate and was looking for a distraction. The gangsters are already mocking him all over the headlines.

McCain, you are being called yellow, if you don't go out there and take him could be over.