Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin's faith

This is a link to a video of Sarah Palin speaking to a ceremony at the Wasila [Alaska] Assembly of God, the church she grew up in (She is now a member of the Wasila Bible Church).

Judging from the testimony of others, and from her own message, she appears to be the real-deal--a genuine, born-again Evangelical Christian who is deeply committed to and filled with love for Jesus Christ.

Today I'm writing specifically to other Bible-believing Christians who are deeply in love with and committed to Jesus Christ--members of Baptist churches, Bible churches, Assemblies of God, Christian & Missionary Alliance churches, Free Methodist churches, conservative Lutheran and Presbyterian churches, Nazarene churches, Mennonite churches, Evangelical Free churches, independent churches and many others:

In the days and weeks ahead many people--even many Christians--will take issue with Sarah Palin's policies, her political record, or her experience (or lack thereof), and that's OK. That's fair game in politics.

On the other hand, while true Christians may not agree with Sarah Palin's policies or even on every aspect of her theology, we need to remember that in First Corinthians, the apostle Paul teaches that all true Christians are members of "one body" and that when one suffers, we all suffer.

Please remember this in the days and weeks ahead when the main stream media and left wing nutroots savagely attack and mock the very core of Sarah Palin's faith. They are not just mocking Sarah Palin.


Robert said...

I think Sarah Palin scares the left like few have. There seems to be a concentrated effort to destroy her and get her removed as quickly as possible. During the first week she was announced, story after story from the left emerged (most of it just vicious lies). Now that the initial assault seems to have failed, I expect there to be a constant drumbeat from the media of why McCain needs to choose someone else or why she isn't up to the task.

It's amazing to see the left get so in a tizzy over Palin, but ignore real issues that plague Obama. I guess that's the state of politics in America.

Alcamadus said...

The even more hilarious fact is that their intense effort not only failed, but it increasingly is backfiring against them. Barack Obama is speechless and has no real legitimate argument or attack against her.

But, make no mistake, they are going to continue to chew her to pieces as much as they can and that is going to be difficult. Hopefully, we can stand behind her and McCain as they face some tough stuff. no doubt, they can handle it though.

Robert said...

Considering that the Democrat campaign against President Bush in 2000 never really ended, I wonder how bitter and divisive the left will be in 2009 if McCain/Palin wins? Frankly, it never lets up and it gets tiring. I remember the Republicans were none to kind to President Clinton, but I really don't remember there being this level of caterwauling or outright hostility.

Do you guys think that there will become a point where we can at least be civil to each other or are we going to see it degrade into total balkanization?

professor ed said...

As long as the Democratic Party insists on being driven by the likes of Pelosi, Dean, and Reid (all VERY LIBERAL) they will find it impossible to carry on a constructive dialog with the GOP which, in this election cycle, is willing to select McCain (who is a political "moderate") and Pain (who is more of a "conservative"). It is interesting to me that the old Soviet Union and the U.S. could peacfully "co-exist", including constructive dialogue periodically, but, alas, the Democrats cannot even achieve that level of limited discourse. Robert raises a good point. Maybe the Democrats are still having their political vision clouded by the 2000 Presidential election