Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin's acceptance speech

Rudy Giuliani did such an amazing job with his speech at the Republican National Convention tonight that I thought Sarah Palin was going to have a very difficult time following him. But Palin's speech was much different that Giuliani's. It was very down-to-earth and I suspect that she won the hearts of America. The cameras caught at least one person in the crowd who was moved to tears.

Then she talked about being a "hockey mom" and said she loves hockey moms. She joked the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is...lipstick. Then a little bit of that pit bull came out. Palin said that before she was governor of Alaska, she was mayor of at small town, and since her opponents seem to look down on that experience she thought she would clarify. She said that a small town mayor "is sort of like a community organizer except that you have actual responsibilities."

Then she talked about how Obama says one thing to people when they are listening and then talks down about how they cling to their religion when they are not listening. She said people want leaders who don't say one thing when they are in Scranton and another thing when they are in San Francisco.

Then, after talking about her record in Alaska, she spoke specifically to the issues.

Finally, like a pit-bull, she launched a devastating attack on Obama!

Palin did an outstanding job tonight! McCain has a very tough act to follow.


starrama said...

I started to watch her speech, but within no time I was crying tears of disgust. My question for McCain supports that read this is: are you not concerned for the future of our country, our economy? Are you not concerned for the well being of your children and grandchildren? I am 19 years old, and I know that I do not want to be paying for this immense financial deficit that our country is falling into. Pelin claims that the war is soon to be over? Where is she coming up with this fictional statement? John McCain once said that he will follow Bin Laden to the gates of hell, but not to the cave where he is hiding in Afghanistan?

People are concerned that Barack Obama does not have enough experience. I would like to know how two years as a govenor and a mayor of a city of 9,000 qualifies as "experience". If anyone is able to answer this question, I would love to hear your opinion.

If you truly consider yourself a true American, do what's best for our country and its future, not what's best for yourself.

apettythief said...

People are concerned that Barack Obama does not have enough experience. I would like to know how two years as a junior senator and... what else? qualifies as "experience". If anyone is able to answer this question, I would love to hear your opinion.


Dennis said...


You said that you do not want to be paying "for this immense financial deficit that our country is fallen into."

If you really mean that you will vote for McCain. The reason is this: The war in Iraq will be a relatively short term thing. Eventually it WILL be over.

Entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, school lunch programs, public housing, etc. are great, but they are not short term. They just keep growing and growing and growing.

And because our government tends to mismanage everything they get their hands on, we are nearing a crisis stage just trying to figure out how to fund the programs we already have.

Barak Obama just wants to add more and more and more very expensive entitlement programs that will just grow more and more.

Most of these programs sound good---but we haven't figured out how to pay for the ones we already have!!!

Besides, the govenment has messed up Social Security, and public housing and Veterans hospitals etc, do you really think they will somehow get Obama's programs right? Why would anyone think that?

I've read that for all the good Obama did in Chicago, the community he organized and supposedly helped is in shambles!

As far as experience goes, we have a choice between a relatively inexperienced President or a relatively inexperienced Vice President. On the basis of experience alone, the choice is a no brainer.

Besides, at least Palin has been responsible for the largest state in the union and an multi-billion dollar budget. Obama has never been responsible from much of anything and in the responsiblities he did have, he just voted "present" rather than making a decision!

So, starrama, if you really consider yourself a true American, please do whats best for the country and its future and vote for McCain.

Robert said...


You bring up the future of our country and the economy. What you fail to see is that Obama isn’t offering anything new to us. His brand of socialism was tried (maybe to a lesser extent) by Jimmy Carter. Obama is taking tired and failed policies, dressing them up for today’s audience, and passing them off as his own. The thing is, we had much of the same problems in the 70’s. We had a difficult war we had recently gotten out of, an economy that was threatening the economic viability of our future (though our economy today is actually much, much better than circumstances were then), an energy crunch, and socialist policies that were largely responsible for ongoing “malaise”.

We often say, “I wish I could know the outcome of [insert policy here] before it’s implemented.” In Obama’s case, we have almost a direct comparison and the results were disastrous. Jimmy Carter was a smart individual, but he ultimately allowed his ideological beliefs to override his common sense. I cannot speak to Obama’s individual smarts, but his common sense shows him to be an ideologue too. Carter’s policies drove both inflation and interest to record highs simultaneously drying up the liquid money supply and robbing people of their buying power. The 70’s made today’s economic issues seem like a cakewalk. We had a poor energy policy focused on conservation and discussion of renewable energy. We tried price controls, heavy taxation of the wealthy and corporations, and a continued appeasement of our enemies. This resulted in an expansion of communist growth, terrorist activity, unemployment, stalling of our economy, energy shortages, rationing, weakening of our military power, and outright “malaise” as Mr. Carter put it.

Frankly, most everything Obama has brought to the table has a known result and its disaster for the country. It would mean limited energy, unemployment, a weakening military, a crushed economy, and new agencies that would make Social Security and Medicare seem tiny (see a pattern?). You ask if we think about our children and the future of our Grandchildren. You’re damned right I do and that’s why I could never support someone like Obama who seeks to wrestle the control of the country from the people and put it into the hands of the Washington elites – especially when I already know the results!

Do not fall into the trap of believing that once you give power to the government that you can control it. In 80 years, the government has grown to epic proportions and infiltrates every facet of our lives. While I have no faith in McCain to reverse this trend, I do know that Obama’s policies provide a massive shot in the arm for government growth. If we’re not careful though, it will threaten to consume even more and grow beyond our ability to limit it. When you look to the future this November, I wonder what it is you’ll be hoping to achieve.